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"Notation based on the Specified Commercial Transactions Law"


Plaza House Co., Ltd. 

Name of the person in charge of operation

Yuno Taira 

Postal code



3-1-12 Kubota, Okinawa City, Okinawa Prefecture 

Explanation of charges other than the product price

Shipping fee, cash on delivery fee or transfer fee will be charged separately from the product price.
Please note that a cancellation fee (50% of the ordered product fee) will be charged if you cancel a non-cancellable item. 

Application expiration date

When shipping the product after confirming the bank transfer, please make a bank transfer within 21 days after ordering. In addition, cancellation of your order will be accepted until 12:00 pm the day after your order date and time.
If you wish to cancel after that, please contact us at 098-932-4480.
■ Transfer information ■
Bank of the Ryukyus Koza Branch Current Deposit 200252 Plaza House Co., Ltd. 

Defective product

We accept returns and exchanges for initially defective products. In that case, we will bear the shipping and handling charges. Please note that if the product is damaged by the customer, it will not be recognized as an initial defective product.

Sales quantity

The quantity may be limited depending on the product. If you have a large number of orders, please contact us by email, phone, or fax.

At our store, we share inventory with the actual store and sell it. Since the inventory data of the online shop and the actual store are not synchronized and will be corrected manually, we are making every effort to update the inventory data, but the inventory is still out of stock at the time of ordering. There may be cases. In that case, we will cancel your order without permission. Thank you for your understanding.

Delivery time

■ Customers by bank transfer We will ship within 5 business days after confirming the transfer.
■ Cash on Delivery ・ Customers paying by credit card We will ship within 5 business days after ordering.

Arrival may be delayed due to traffic and weather. Please note that. * For made-to-order products, the delivery time will be different, so please check the page of each product. 

Payment method

We offer credit card payment, Yamato Transport cash on delivery, and bank transfer. In the case of bank transfer, the product will be shipped after confirming the charge transfer.

About size exchange We accept size exchange due to customer's convenience such as the size of the delivered product does not match, but in this case the shipping fee and administrative fee will be borne by the customer.
* Some products cannot be exchanged.
If you would like to exchange the size, please contact us within one week after the item arrives. We will inform you about the details of the exchange.
■ Please note ■
・ Customers are responsible for the return shipping charges to our shop.
* There is no designated delivery company, but to avoid troubles, please use a delivery method with a tracking service.
・ Size exchange will be supported only when the item is in stock at our shop.
・ If the item is returned without prior notice, it cannot be exchanged.

If we cannot accept exchanges / returns ・ Due to the nature of the product, we cannot accept returns other than defective products.
・ If more than one week has passed since the product was received ・ If the tag is lost or damaged ・ If the customer is damaged / damaged such as dirt, scratches, wrinkles, etc. (including boxes and accessories)
・ Products with odors such as perfume and cigarettes ・ Products that have been used or washed ・ If the condition at the time of return is significantly different from that at the time of delivery (including boxes and accessories)
Example) When the slip is attached directly to the shoe box and returned.

If you cancel after the product has been shipped, you will be responsible for the round-trip charge for your luggage.
Please note that we will charge a round-trip fee for your luggage even if the item is returned to our shop due to refusal of receipt.

Payment deadline

■ Cash on delivery: At the time of product delivery ■ Bank transfer: Please transfer within 21 days after ordering. Please note that it will be canceled after 21 days.

Return deadline

Please contact us by email or phone and return it within 7 days after the item arrives. 

Return shipping fee

In case of return due to customer's convenience, the shipping fee will be borne by the customer. However, we will not be responsible for the initial defective product replacement and incorrect product delivery replacement. 

Service name

PLAZA HOUSE │ We accept orders on the Plaza House Net 24 hours a day.
We accept shipping, question reception, etc. from 9:00 to 17:00 on weekdays.

telephone number


Public email address

About delivery and shipping Kuroneko Yamato

Nationwide uniform 850 yen including tax
Free shipping on purchases over 7,000 yen (tax excluded). 

Payment method Credit card cash on delivery (Yamato Transport)

Please pay the shipping company driver when you deliver the item. Please note that the maximum purchase amount for one purchase is 300,000 yen when using cash on delivery.

The cash on delivery fee is as follows.
Order amount less than 10,000 yen: 330 yen
10,000 yen or more and less than 30,000 yen: 440 yen
30,000 yen or more and less than 100,000 yen: 660 yen
100,000 yen or more and less than 300,000 yen: 1,100 yen

Bank transfer

If it is in stock, it will be shipped within 5 business days after confirming the transfer. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please bear the transfer fee. If payment cannot be confirmed within 14 days after ordering, it will be canceled. 

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