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​プラザハウス クリエイターズ・ハブ誕生
「観せる」ギャラリー GALLERY & SPACE


Centralized desk with 3 seats

Available every hour

Meeting table (up to 6 people)

Creative in a space full of creativity

Expanding community at Plaza House

High speed internet

All-in-One Printer


​Large parking lot available (350 cars / free)


About us

When Okinawa was America. It was a time when the United States entered an era of openness known as the Fifties. It was a time when the design movement known as mid-century modern was spreading around the world. Plaza House directly connected the world through fashion and culture, bringing dreams and desires here. Together with deep and various feelings, this place is to think forward to the future in Okinawa, which is about to change drastically.REMEMBER THE FUTURE- May we never forget the dreams we once drew in the distant past. This is a space that connects the old, the future, and the dreams, and talks about those dreams.

In this space, about 80 black-and-white photos with different themes will be exhibited every few months from the Ryukyu-American cultural materials collected with the cooperation of various organizations, including about 8,000 photos stored in a photo studio called "KEY STONE" that used to be located diagonally across from the Plaza House. Scenes from our memories, Okinawas never seen before, and values that should not be lost. The black-and-white photographs, which we hope will be seen by many people, tell the story of irreplaceable truths about Okinawa.


Common name for the former Ryumyu Command Head quarter's.
After the reinstatement, the name of the area from the former Awase golf course to the Plaza House area, including the Lycoming Crossing, has been widely used. Together with Koza, it is the birthplace of the Ryukyu-U.S. culture (1945-1972, when Okinawa was under U.S. rule).

ANTHROPOLOGY <Anthropologie>

Cultural Anthropology. It is a comparative study of almost all phenomena of human life, such as lifestyles, languages, customs, and ways of thinking, from the perspective of culture, in order to discover the laws shared by all humankind.



3-1-12 Kubota, Okinawa 904-0023 Plaza House Shopping Center 3F

TEL: 098-933-1142  |

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